Orienteering Races Sport Competitions

Sport Competitions that passes through the technical parts combining with faster areas with a common denominator: the difference in level. These components will make the race demanding both technically and physically. In general, there are two more difficult areas. The first is characterized by its low visibility, a consequence of vegetation and also its number of rocky elements. The second is characterized by its ease of running a lot but its technical requirement for the large number of rocky elements that are found.

The map has a lot of detail, but still, there are rocky elements that have had to be simplified according to regulations.

It is advisable to avoid double stripes and dense vegetation. These are usually areas with brambles. We recommend leg protections.

Orienteering races in Ripoll

Trial Motorbike Sport Competitions

In 2020 sports will have more prominence by Ripoll hosting more sports competitions at the end of the year. After overcoming its fifty-year history, the Ripoll Motor Club will host one of the events that the Spanish Motorcycle Federation organizes each season within its state championship.

The main drivers of this discipline will be mentioned in the capital of Ripollès, to compete not only in the senior category, but also in Trial 2, women’s, junior and other divisions of the trial sport.

The trial area that the club has in the Tres Planes area will be in charge of hosting the circuit of this event.

In addition, according to sports councilor José Isern, they also want to enable an indoor area in an urban area, to make it “more accessible for all the people of Ripolles”.

Motorbike Trial at Ripoll