During a weekend of 19 and 20 September, the town of Setcases, in the Camprodon Valley, celebrates its Mushroom Festival, dedicated to these precious elements that come out during the autumn. The festival has the traditional activities of this type of celebration and the Gastronomic Week of the Saucer, which aims to revalue this traditional dish.

The preparations for the party begin on Friday with the morning outing by several volunteers in search of mycological species. This research is used to set up the exhibition, selection and classification of the species found in the Study Room (Setcases City Council), with the collaboration of prestigious mycologists.

The events open to the public begin on Saturday morning with a group outing to different places in search of mycological species. Subsequently, mycologists classify, select and make an exhibition open to the public throughout the weekend. In the afternoon, mycologists give an introductory workshop on mycology.

On Sunday there is the mushroom exhibition in the Study Room by the Catalan Mycology Society. At noon there is an animation activity with “Túmaquets de Fira”.

During the two days of the mushroom festival, a craft fair is held. On Sunday there are stalls selling fresh mushrooms and a unloading of antiques and flea markets.

Mushroom fair 2020