In it’s main living room you will be able to enjoy the tranquility of being in between forests and mountains. At a walking distance of the village of Rocabruna. Large interior areas with fireplace, TV, armchairs, wiffi. Most of the rooms can be triple and some can even fit 4 persons. All rooms have their own bathroom. Outdoor area, barbecue, and the old cabin turned into a multipurpose room (tables, pingpong, games …) playground area and apatio of 200 m2, which sometimes becomes a Basketball court. All 3 houses have their own living room, kitchen, and exclusive outdoor area. The distribution of spaces allows the “Casa Pairal” to incorporate rooms of the other houses, communicating them internally to the main livingroom. This allows us to offer a single house with only one individual room, and also a full house with 9 rooms.

In addition to the following 4 options available online:

“Mas Complert”, with 9 rooms (max. 24 sleeps), “Casa Pairal”, with 3 rooms (max. 11 sleeps), “Ca la Padrina”, with 2 rooms (max. 4 + 2 sleeps), “Cal Masover (1 room) “, with 1 room (max. 3 + 2 sleeps),” Cal Masover (2 sleeps) “, with 2 rooms (max. 6 + 2 sleeps)

There are other options you can book with prior contact (Press Contact):

“Casa Pairal + 1 room Cal Masover”, with 4rooms (max. 14 sleeps), “Casa Pairal + Ca la Padrina” with 6 rooms (max. 17 sleeps), “Casa Pairal + Cal Masover” with 6 rooms (max. 19 sleeps), “Casa Pairal + Ca la Padrina + 1hab Cal Masover” with 7 rooms (max. 20 sleeps).

This country area is full of extraordinary places: easily accessible mountain summits (Coma Negra, Costabona …), paths where you can walk through the french border such as “El camí de la Retirada”, long-distance routes(GR11, GR 5)BTT routes …

Vall Ter is the ski resort of Vall de Camprodon. In Vall del Freser we have the Núria ski resort with the famous Núria’s Sanctuary.

Throughout the region you will find the most representative samples of romanesque art and architecture. There are two ancient benedictine monasteries: the Monastery of Ripoll and the Sant Joan de las Abadesses Monastery.

In a 6km radius you will find the church of San Cristóbal de Beget, home of the homonymous baroque altarpiece and the Majesty of Beget, the church of Santa Cecília Molló, the parishes of Rocabruna and Salarsa with great architectural interest.

You can’t miss to visit the Camprodon’s “Pont Nou” bridge, an iconic landmark or the walk to the Rocabruna’s castle ruins.

Cal Masover 2 (2HAB) 5+2places
Cal Masover 1 (1HAB) 2+2places
Rural house-Ca la Padrina (2HAB) 4+2places
Can Soler (Manor house) (3HAB) 8+1places
The whole "Mas Soler" (9HAB) 18+6places