Mas Simonet is a composition of two houses with 3 rooms each. The two houses have their own living room, kitchen, and outdoor patio with a portable barbecue. You won’t have to share any space or service. There is plenty of indoor space for you to enjoy with a build in fireplace, TV, armchairs, wifi. Most rooms can be triple.

Located just a few minutes walking from the Rocabruna center. Which is a very small neighbourhood formed by some houses scattered around the 12th century church. At Rocabruna you will find a traditional inn and a prestigious restaurant too.

Both accommodations are distributed on two floors, the ground floor is the day area and the upper floor is the night one.

This country area is full of extraordinary places: easily accessible mountain summits (Coma Negra, Costabona …), paths where you can walk through the french border such as “El camí de la Retirada”, long-distance routes, (GR11, GR 5), BTT routes

Vall Ter is the ski resort of Vall de Camprodon. In Vall del Freser we have the Núria ski resort with the famous Núria’s Sanctuary.

Throughout the region you will find the most representative samples of romanesque art and architecture. There are two ancient benedictine monasteries: the Monastery of Ripoll and the Sant Joan de las Abadesses Monastery.

In a 6km radius you will find the church of San Cristóbal de Beget, home of the homonymous baroque altarpiece and the Majesty of Beget, the church of Santa Cecília Molló, the parishes of Rocabruna and Salarsa with great architectural interest.

You can’t miss to visit the Camprodon’s “Pont Nou” bridge, an iconic landmark or the walk to the Rocabruna’s castle ruins.

Can Noguer (3HAB) 7+2places
Can Simonet (3HAB) 8+2places
The whole "Masia Simonet"