Mycology enthusiasts will enjoy one of the richest edible mushrooms in the whole of Catalonia. Practice mushroom hunting or live fairs and bullfighting events that are celebrated throughout the region.

Bac de Setcases

High mountain landscapes at the springs of the Ter river.

Season: from May in some spring species until the end of October, all stretch in mid-November.
Height: from 1.300 to 1.900 meters.
Area: Ripollès.
Most common mushrooms: ceps, marçot, pinetell, carrereta, camperol, rossinyol, rovelló de pi negre, trompeta, molleric.
Environment: Hazelnuts, ash trees and birch trees fill the bordered berries. Rooftop massifs and black pine are at the foot of the mountain. As we gain height, and in some sectors of these forests, the fir and beech are mixed with black pine, until above the 1,700 meters this last species clearly dominates the forest roof. The underbrush is fairly clean, and the neret and the ginbrón stand out.

Ceps Ripollès

Les Llosses

Do you like to pick-up mushrooms? Then Les Llosses is your destination. This Ripollès municipality is one of those places in Catalonia that should be classified as a Point of Interest of Boletaires (if this category exists). The humidity of its thick pine and oak forests, which occupy more than 60% of its territory, make it a land of good fungi. If you are not into mycology, there are a lot of hikes to do in this mountainous territory, such as the excursion to Santa Maria de Matamala by the old horseshoe paths, or the hike to the pic Cornador, one of the best viewpoints of the Ripollès.

Font Rubí

Departing from Camprodon by the municipal swimming pool, the Gulf of Boreas, you will find a mountain track. This track continues to Font Rubí: the ideal place for pine forests on both sides.

Watch upon entering the forest of the Masot as here and graze bulls. One advantage is that if you take advantage of it, surely there have been few people before. If you’re done going, do not wear red clothes!

Rovelló al bosc

If you come to our place, we can show you some places where you will surely not leave you indifferent.