In the Ripollès and Alta Garrotxa area there are many ways to enjoy horse riding.

In the different equestrian ones walks, routes and excursions with horses and ponies are offered and also unique experiences with the horses, like routes of several days, baths in the river and equestrian formation, natural dressage, etc …

Some of the activities that can be done are:

1 hour excursions for families with children

Two-hour route from 8 years without age limit

Mid day routes 4 – 5 hours –Full day routes 6 hours

Swimming in the river with horses lasting 3 hours (natural riding class saddle-free ride and swimming in the river)

Pony ride for the little ones indoors

20-minute horseback ride for young children and parents

Equestrian baptism (class to learn to take care of the horse, riding class and coordination and walking games, with a diploma)

Courses of natural dressage and equine communication 2 days

Adventures on horseback days 2 days (equestrian gymkhana, swimming in the river, natural dressage course and extreme trail through the mountains encamped in the meadow with the horses)

In addition to the organized activities, there is also the preferred area for horses located in Rocabruna, a village where the rural houses of Rourevell are located.

The preferred area for horses is a way to protect the territory through roads. This area covers some paths in the Rocabruna valley, the Salarça valley and the Bolós valley, circling the Casa Etxalde, where the riders who drive there have priority to pass in front of motor vehicles.



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