Sport competitions on the weekend of September 26-27 in Ripoll


Orienteering Races Sport Competitions Sport Competitions that passes through the technical parts combining with faster areas with a common denominator: the difference in level. These components will make the race demanding both technically and physically. In general, there are two more difficult areas. The first is characterized by its low visibility, a consequence of vegetation […]

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Mushroom Festival 2020


During a weekend of 19 and 20 September, the town of Setcases, in the Camprodon Valley, celebrates its Mushroom Festival, dedicated to these precious elements that come out during the autumn. The festival has the traditional activities of this type of celebration and the Gastronomic Week of the Saucer, which aims to revalue this traditional […]

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Best natural pools in La Garrotxa and Ripoll


For lovers of cold water and the natural shade of the trees, from Rourevell we suggest different excursions along some of the best natural pools of camprodon and reservoirs in the area of ​​Alta Garrotxa and Ripollès that will delight grains and small. Plus, they’re all close to one of our cottages, so there’s no […]

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Rocabruna Major Party 2020


THE PARTY CHANGES BUT THE MAJOR PARTY CONTINUES On the weekend of August 1 and 2, 2020, its Fiesta Major🎉 adapted to the new situation caused by Covidien-19 was held in Rocabruna (Valle de Camprodon). Despite the difficulties in carrying out some activities, the most important events could be held without any difficulty🎉 Saturday 1st: […]

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COVID-free Accommodation


Are you looking for a getaway from the crowds to escape from COVID infections? You have found us! At Rourevell we invest in your safety. We put all the necessary hygienic measures so that you can enjoy your stay without worrying. Find here the detailed list of measures we take.

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